Past shows

Brisbane French Theatre’s first production, “The Student & Mr Henri”, was performed in July 2017 at the Queensland Multicultural Centre in Kangaroo Point, Brisbane. It drew over 600 people and received rave reviews and feedback.

As a non-French speaker, I found it quite a novelty to see a play in a different language. The play was completely absorbing, the actors were wonderful, and I enjoyed it very much. I loved the atmosphere of the theatre too – it was quite surreal and delightful to hear so many French speakers in Kangaroo Point!

Touching, poignant and warm at times. It was produced by a skilled team of creatives and performed by four equally skilled actors and Henri was met with genuine applause by the end of the night.
Absolute Theatre

How delightful to see a play in French – so rare in Brisbane.

We had a fantastic night, merci.

The theatre was very nice and we could easily see everything. The sound was good and the play very funny. We had a very good time and we were impressed by the actors.