Repeat after me

We’re excited to present our first play of the 2019 season and another smashing original production: “Repeat after me”.

Amy (Chloe Lauverjon) has just turned 18 and finished high school in Redcliffe, Queensland. She’s a sophisticated bogan & daydreamer who idolises anything related to France – the country she thinks she was meant to be born in. When Amy’s family vacates her home and her two besties (Lisa Gorse & Merilee Ettia) take her to a club for the first time, she meets a seductive French backpacker (Guillaume de Greslan) who she instantly falls in love with. When her dreams are cut short by his sudden departure to his homeland, Amy decides to fly all the way to France to find the man she firmly believes she’s destined for.

“Repeat after me”, a bilingual coming-of-age comedy verging on the musical, explores the inevitable and often explosive collisions between one’s illusions and reality.

Come join us for another fabulous live French theatre experience. A bientôt!

“Repeat after me” is performed in French and English, with English subtitles projected above the stage on a wide screen.

The play is recommended for an audience 15+. It contains mature themes, coarse language and mild sexual references that may offend some audience members.