Affaire a suivre

Brisbane French Theatre is back with a brand new original play, and it’s the company’s most hilarious work to date! “Affaire a suivre” (“To be continued”) is a no holds barred, fast paced dark comedy about greed, loss and how money can change – or rather unmask – the people we thought we knew.

Henri, a wealthy circus owner, has recently passed away. His friends, employees and part-time lovers gather in his decrepit Normandy mansion on a stormy evening, expecting the arrival of a notary who will shed some light as to who will benefit Henri’s fortune. As the night and the storm roll on, unexpected guests & revelations will blur the lines and redefine everyone’s expectations and behaviour when it comes to grief, envy and scheming.

Blending genres and theatre traditions, this resolutely modern play will have you laugh & guess – but mostly laugh!


This production is recommended for audiences aged 15 and above. It contains mature themes and occasional mild coarse language. The play will be performed in French, with English subtitles projected above the stage. Running time: 120 minutes, including an intermission. The QMC is a fully licensed venue and a bar will be open before the show and during the intermission. Doors will open at 6pm. Lock-out periods apply.


Directed by
Isabelle Johnson

Written by
Thomas Smith

Aurelia Fouques – Mimi
Vyry Hoang – Kevin
Isabelle Johnson – Laurette
Guy Pigerre – Henri
Aurelien Ritter – Patrick
Thomas Smith – Marcel
Coralie Vangeyte – Odile