C’est pas le moment

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Kevin is drifting through life, struggling financially and trying to find some meaning with the help of his dodgy life coach, Patrick. When his distant, unloving father passes away, Kevin inherits of his Parisian bistrot “La Cigale” – on the condition that he must become its manager for at least one year. Thoroughly unprepared for the task, Kevin will need to find a way to handle disgruntled employees, a budding romance and the overbearing presence of Patrick, who has other plans for “La Cigale”…

Directed by Isabelle Johnson
Written by Thomas Smith
Sound tech: Barbara Hannah
Surtitles: Charlotte Petit
Costumes: Aurelia Fouques

  • Vyry Hoang – Kevin
  • Rani Fouladoux – Laurette
  • Elisabeth Noyel – Jeanine
  • Aurelia Fouques – Mimi
  • Coralie Vangeyte – Odile
  • Thomas Smith – Patrick
  • Meven Huiban – Marcel